When you work with The Fink Agency we allocate you a Project Manager who will walk you through every stage of the production process. He or She will offer you an array of options and finalise each stage so you can relax knowing the video you require will be delivered and meet all your expectations.

Step 1 : The Brief
Our clients usually contact us with a brief. This is an outline of what they would like to produce and achieve. Do you want a marketing video or a
promotional video? Who is your target audience? What’s your message? We will work with you and clearly define what you want and the best way to achieve it.

Step 2 : The Treatment
From our conversations we will produce a Treatment. This will clearly outline the concept, summarize the story and define the creative approach. We are happy
to work from existing ideas that you may have or come up with a range of fresh concepts.

Step 3 : The Storyboard
A storyboard is a visual and written outline of your production. The visual style and progression is defined. Think of it as your blueprint, a map to guide your production.

Step 4 : Logistics
Once the Treatment & Storyboard has been approved by you, we will begin to plan and schedule your production from start to finish.

Step 5 : Production
So, if an interview is required in your production this is where we do it, or if you need motion graphics for an explainer video this is where we start getting busy.

Step 6 : The Edit
Once production is complete, we set to work on showing you a first draft. We will work with your brand guidelines and make sure that any text, graphics, narration, music fits with your brand.

Step 7 : Review & Approval
We will send you a link to a online private screening room where you can view the first cut of your production. This allows you to make any comments and changes.

Step 8 : Final Delivery & Marketing
Once approved by you, we will send over the completed video in the file type of your choice. We can also offer you many ways to market your video and really get a return on your investment.

Step 9 : The Last Step
Once your project is signed off, we will be in contact and will ask you for feedback. Client service and performance is important to us and if we can improve in any way, we want to hear about it. Any questions please pick up the phone, "Lets talk!"


Corporate video production is a core area of our expertise. The Fink Agency has been producing high-end corporate films for over a decade. We have produced corporate videos for major brands such as GSK, BMW, Barclays, British Gas, BBC and Lloyds Bank. We offer an end to end solution and will deliver the right media for your target audience.


We specialize in a range of promotional video services and understand the importance of getting a direct message to your target audience. From concept to final delivery we will handle the whole process for you, producing engaging creative content that will drive forward your business.

Event Coverage

Your conference, event or product launch does not have to have a limited audience.
We specialize in event video production and can help your event become a global marketing tool for your business, extending your target audience.
We offer a wide range of Event videos for our clients.

Event Filming

Exhibition Videos

Conference Videos

Live Streaming of Events

Presentation Videos

Product Launch Videos

Training Videos

Testimonial Videos

Plasma Displays

Screen Videos

Training Videos

We can produce training videos in all formats from video seminars to "how to" demonstrations.

Explainer Video

Do you need to explain a new service or how a product works? Then an explainer video may be perfect for your business.


Are you looking for the wow factor?

Then using motion graphics and animation can really make a powerful impact on your production. We have dedicated in- house motion graphic designers that can create animated text, images, logos, characters, graphics that drive and reinforce your brand.
We offer
2D and 3D animated graphics and will walk you through the process step by step for every type of product, from big budget commercials to simple online video. Anything you can imagine, we can animate as motion graphics or animation.

Take a look at some of the examples below.


We have 3 in-house edit suites and a range of portable editing facilities. 

Video Delivery Formats

Online  - Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook

Mobile & Tablet (H264, MP4)

PC or Mac   (Quicktime, WMV)

Blue Ray



The Fink Agency shoots on location in London, across the UK and internationally. We have a highly experienced professional crew managed by our talented producers who will run your production on time and on budget. We can supply a wide range of talented professional crew members managed by one of our producers, who will make sure your production is on budget and delivered on time.


The Fink Agency has some fantastic studios that we use on a regular basis. If you need White or Green Screen sound stages we can source locations all over the UK. Our studios come complete with wardrobes, make up stations, kitchens and free WIFI connections along with car parking facilities. Using Green Screen technology opens up many possibilities and previous clients have filmed a wide range of productions from commercials, promotional videos to music videos. 


The Fink Agency crew consists of camera operators, video editors, sound recordists, directors & producers who have years of professional experience producing creative content. We listen to your requirements and then will advise you on what kit will be best suited to your production. We use state of the art Full HD broadcast quality cameras backed up by sound and lighting kit.


Your video has been shot and edited, but of equal importance, how do you maximize the potential of that video? Putting your video on just the company website or intranet is wasting an opportunity. Your video should be re-purposed in a variety of ways and across many different plaforms. The Fink Agency can help market your video in a variety of ways as well as track your video and follow its progress, find out who is viewing it and how often it is being viewed. Marketing your video across a range of platforms increases the potential for your video to go viral, spreading your message even further.

We can help you:

Link your video to social media sites

Create a Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn Campaign

Optimise your Youtube Channel

Produce a DVD or Blu-ray

Make your video smart phone or tablet ready