At The Fink Agency we have made design a core part of what we do, because
much of our creative solutions are expressed through design and printed material.

Our design and print services have been honed through a desire to support clients and 
their brands across the ever changing communications landscape.

Clients approach us in the hope that we can replicate their corporate brand across other media
channels, we rise to the challenge and have since  incorporated our design and print capabilities
to support brands and organisations, improve their performance, connect more meaningfully with
their consumers and sometimes even help them to fully understand their brand values.

Our range of services include Print Design, Web Design and Digital Media, School prospectus, 
Creative Toolkits and design guidelines and templates through to Product and Packaging illustrations.

Our love of design has enabled us to create everything from brand identities, annual reports, product
brochures, film titles, posters, exhibition stands, education resources and signage.

The integrated approach we have naturally means we approach all design projects with the aim of
ensuring the brand could be applied consistently across a wide range of media, working either as a
unique "bespoke" piece or seamlessly complimenting other 
communications channels and campaigns.


At The Fink Agency we view branding as a central theme that permeates all that we do creatively
on a daily basis.

We utilise a variety of skills to measure, manage and develop brands and apply these methodologies
in varying degrees to all our projects.

Our branding process begins with us auditing a brand beginning with the visual identity and then exploring the
brand or corporate personality in terms of values.

This approach enables us to obtain an accurate picture of the entire brand.

Our auditing process will see us review existing collateral to evaluate any brand inconsistencies
in relation to the design look and this will progress onto reviewing the brand message, establishing
where the brand is today.

Our branding process is collaborative and involves us creating numerous partnership with brand
guardians and custodians to re-establish the brand in terms of values, proposition, look, feel and

Working with internal teams at all levels within organisations helps us to begin to refine and distil 
the brand down to its pure essence and advance the evolutionary process of a living, breathing

Although we reserve the application of our most rigorous brand auditing for the development of a
brand/corporate identity/logo, we still adhere to these approaches, just in a more liberal fashion
in relation to our other services. This process ensures that brand consistency is achieved regardless of
the nature of the project or services used.

Our brand auditing process is then complimented by the development of our brand guidelines,
aimed at protecting and promoting the new brand and guiding its application across an organisation
to build and maintain consistency. Our brand guidelines help all parties involved understand the
values behind a new appearance, direction, attitude and mind set and provides a clear strategy of
how and why the brand is to be handled in accordance with these guidelines.


At The Fink Agency we regard brochure design and printed literature as powerful marketing tools that remain integral to the marketing mix.

In an ever increasing digital landscape, there are still many occasions and situations in which no other form of communication is as effective.

Brochures remain tangible with the ability for information to be shared and discussed in real time between individuals or groups.

Printed literature is also enduring and when designed and printed well, the combination of images and powerful messaging can be very engaging and impactful.

We've worked with numerous organisations, both big and small, spanning a range of market sectors such as Teenage Cancer Trust, Deutsche Bank, The Common Wealth, to help tell stories, position brands, convey information or elicit a response.

We also enjoy the sheer range of creative diversity that brochures and printed literature can take and we have expressed this diversity in the forms of...

Printed Communications,

Business Stationery Design

Company Brochures

Product Brochures

Sales Brochures

Event Guides

Annual Report Design

School Prospectus

Direct Mail

Point of Sale/Experiential Marketing Material