At The Fink Agency our creative culture has been fuelled through our belief in transparency and openness and these views have enabled us to collaborate with other creative teams and organizations in a variety of ways. Over the years, we have found that such an approach has enhanced everybody involved and benefited our clients too.


Our collaborative culture has allowed us to work alongside specialist agencies across advertising, branding, social media, PR, web and event production to ensure that we can exceed both our own and our clients expectations in ways an exclusive in-house approach would not have allowed us to do.

Although, we will always be comfortable in helping brands and organisations move forward through our own clear, strategic thinking, planning and creative execution, issues such as resource, scale, location and time have led us to develop a network of additional creative resources that we can call upon to help us, as and when such needs arise. These mutually beneficial relationships often see us taking the creative lead on projects, however we are equally at home acting as the "extra pair of creative hands" and make no real distinction within a positive creative process.

These relationships are largely reciprocal in nature and at their heart remains an enduring desire to exceed a client's expectations. As such, we will always seek to work in partnership with like-minded individuals and agencies and continue to operate a culture of openness, mutual learning, creative support whilst hopefully making some new friends in the process.


At The Fink Agency we understand the challenges that brands and organisations are presented with through the ever increasing and diverse range of communication channels available both on and offline. The need for expertise in helping brands and organisations navigate and implement their communications strategies in the most effective way has never been greater. From our inception, we have been working with both PR agencies and in-house communications teams to help them face their various communications challenges. From internal communications videos for large broadcasters to "How to" videos for leading utilities companies. Our ethos of transparency and openness has enabled us to work very well in partnership with PR and Communications teams in a variety of ways.

Our "team player" and "no-egos approach" means that we don't need to take the credit for projects or campaigns and are happy to work under the banner of other PR agencies or communications teams just as long as the overall objective is achieved.  We are proud to say that this culture still prevails to this day and so we are always striving to make new friends across the PR and Communications landscape, combining our complimentary services to support small projects or much wider campaigns.


At The Fink Agency we believe that Social media channels are integral to any communications strategy.
From the outset of any video based project we undertake, we always try to make sure that such projects are accompanied by a well thought out and co-ordinated social media strategy, as social media plays a crucial role in helping client's video messages reach an intended audiences more effectively. We work with our clients to produce the best quality video to meet their marketing objectives and although we truly believe that great video content is a key tool for engaging an audience, we understand that even the best content loses value if it cannot reach its intended audience.

As such, we feel that any client (current or future) are best served through our strategic partnerships, in which we work with Social media specialists to deliver the best results and ensure their video content gets maximum views online and reaches the targeted audience.

We also recognise the ability of Social media to build, retain and monetize social communities. We utilize these strengths across all of the platforms that matter, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ or mobile apps and so we make sure that Social media management and monitoring are founding components of all of our strategies.